Lost In Cambodia: Riding Along The Mekong Part 3

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I hope everyone had (or continues to have) a most wonderful festive season with their loved ones. As the German and I get ready to leave Vientiane for the final leg of our journey through Laos (picked up our Thai visas yesterday afternoon and so we ride north as soon as breakfast is over) I wanted to finish Part 3 of our odyssey along Cambodia’s Mekong.

I will admit, when I saw the wall of dead trees my heart sank and I assumed the worse. We would have to pick our way back from where we came, cross the river and retrace our steps completely. The German was not so inclined. We had small bikes for a reason, we could push, shove and general manhandle them over the fallen trees.

And that is exactly what we did:

For pushing the bike up onto the pile:



And we thought we were free. We rode on out, met with what looked like a main dirt road, and thought we had hit clear sailing from this point on.


Not so much.

Sand is evil.  EVIL. Insidiously so. It looks so innocent. You think, “what could possibly be wrong with this stretch of land” and then your back tire overtakes your front, and your on your ass and your bike is over somewhere.

The good news is that with such a tiny bike I can pick the bike up on my own! In terms of preventive measures against a Sherrie tantrum, it does not get any better than being able to pick up your bike, get back on it, and ride on.

You have to wonder sometimes about the bridges:

(We were not that brave or that desperate. We went the slightly longer way be about 5 minutes that meant not testing that particular bridge).

And there seems to be something about littering the place with trees to go over rather than around!

And just when we had begun to think that maybe this was no longer fun, as water and gas was getting low, and that meant retracing our steps was no longer an option because we had gone too far, we found the main road and pavement!

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