Malaysia: An Awesome Place To Ride!?!

Malaysia is known for its tropical climate, its beaches and its cuisine; ranging from Indian fused Chinese to traditional Malaysian. Not so well known however (at least we didn’t) may be the fact that Malaysia is a great country for motorcycling.

It has mountain ranges that have average temperatures of 18 – 21 degrees. The small curvy mountain roads are not riddled with potholes of death but rather are of superb quality.

The infrastructure is made for bikes: They have bike parking lots, and bike lanes, the border crossing comes with a special bike lane with its own control booth.

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And the best, the highways are not only toll free for motorcycles, but we get to pass the toll station in special lanes that direct you around the toll station altogether!

If such things were not enough, every few kilometers there is a bike shelter to hide under in case of heavy rain.

Add to that the price of gas is about 50 Euro cents per liter and you got a pretty good country for riding. And to think we had no intentions of ever going there!


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2 Responses to Malaysia: An Awesome Place To Ride!?!

  1. Justine Wong says:

    Wonderful having biked in Malaysia with friends all these years. Wonderful people, scenes and food. But here’s what i’ve to advice every biker that travels these roads. Although beautiful but being on a motorcycle, anything can happen. Like maybe a simple mishap with the engine or a major accident. Me, what happen was that I lost my keys in the middle of a village whilst riding from Kuantan to Cherating. Well lucky thing I became a member of Motoaid Malaysia just weeks before our planned ride. Just called them at their numbers and they were there towing my bike to the nearest workshop in no time. Thanks Motoaid Malaysia. Well I do recommend that every biker has their number or a number other than theirs just to make sure help is near. Enjoy Malaysia.

  2. Jamal Rezalee says:

    Hi there, we are a bunch of riders from Jurong, Singapore. Before this, we always ventured into Malaysia without important backup numbers of towing guys in Malaysia hence when my partner on a Bandit 1200 got into trouble on wednesday we panic as it was far into Pahang near Temerloh. We literally did not know who to ask for help. We asked for assistance from cars passing by but no positive results. About an hour into the wait a fellow biker on a Ducati Multistrada came passing by and he instantly , without even pulling out of his bike gave us the numbers of Motoaid which were on a sticker stuck to his windscreen. It was brilliant. We called the numbers and guess what, there was a truck on standby in a town called Jerantut not too far away. Not too long later, 2 guys in a 4×4 and a motorcycle trailer pulled up by the road and asked us if we were the ones who called. We had to fill up some forms and in about ten minutes later , the Bandid 12 was on the trailer with my friend to a Motoaid panel workshop in Termeloh . The guys in the 4×4 whom did not speak proper English did not waste much time and speedily left with the agreed fee of RM150 as they said that they were in a rush to Rompin to assist another KTM Smt 990 . We didn’t even get a chance to know their names let alone say thank you….Really, those guys were from a godly place. Thank You . Found out it was a stand sensor problem cutting off the engine when riding. Got it fixed and thanks to Motoaid , we were on our way again. Really, I will be looking out to becoming a member soon. Really helps when you are a biker to do some homework before venturing into the unknown. Thanks again.

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