Mongolia Part One: A Visual Summary

Rather than going back and filling out the blog to update it to now, I am cheating and giving you a visual summary! However both My Best Accidents and Culture Shock Mongolia cover our time in Mongolia.

Camels as soon as we crossed the border:

The best roads before you hit Ulan Bator:

Setting up for the night:

It was an enterprising puddle, but the picture looks good:

Mongolia is a wild campers dream:

Checking out the bike:

Camels as we leave for the Russian Border to head back to Russia:



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2 Responses to Mongolia Part One: A Visual Summary

  1. Undraa says:

    Sherrie…i bet you had nice time there in Mongolia…or was it extraordinary:)…

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    It was extraordinary! It would only have been better if we could have met up as well!!

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