More Tales Of The Land Of Ice & Rain To Come..Till Then Enjoy A Motorcycle Ride Over A Non-Existent Bridge

Shame on me as I have been completely neglecting the blog since returning to Germany, and there are in fact more tales to come.  But as I am teaching English AND still working on my Masters, AND trying to learn German, AND trying to have some semblance of non contractual contact with the outside world I find that even having 20 mins to sit down and write a post to be a challenge.  I finish my course load at uni next month however, and so I hope to have more time then.  (Plus that means there will be a thesis to avoid writing, and that means I will have tons of time to write everything BUT my thesis!).

But as episode 10 just came in to be translated this morning, I found myself thinking that I could at least share the next Journizer episode here instead.  The bridge that does not exist, and me talking nonsense (I did it all by myself but with help????  I meant I rode the bike through that grass alone but I followed the tracks the boys left.  Arg, something about a camera makes me the dork queen as opposed to the dork princess).  😛



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