A Newfoundland bay party: Heartattack, Lobster and Rum

Janine decided to show me real life in the bay and invited us to her cousins cabin party in Cupids. I almost didn’t make it there since my life was at stake in the liquor store. Not because of alcohol intoxication (although that was scheduled for later that night). Rather I almost suffered a severe heart attack in reaction to the price of alcoholic beverages.  I knew Canada had crazy liquor prices but I wasn’t expecting THIS:

2012-05-19 18.31.11

Over 12$ for a cheap looking carton of dodgey white wine!!! It blew my mind. Just to have a comparison: I would buy that in Germany for about 69 cents (if I was craving a good headache, that is).

Good old Captain Morgen got a pay raise as well:

2012-05-19 18.28.49

Anyhow, it was time to get get going and meet Janine’s family. I was warned it might get tangly. But here they were, in a lovely house directly overlooking the ocean. They actually didn’t look too scary to me. In the kitchen I saw buckets of mussels and a big box full of lobsters. This is where they got serious.  We are talking here about Lobster with a capital L. We spent the next hour hammering them  (literally) and peeling the good stuff out.


After dinner, following the ancient rules of the 24th of May (thats the start of summer in Newfoundland), we had to go outside to sit around a camp fire. I must confess, it was pretty chilly and I put on 3 layers of sweaters. I felt like a wiener though, sitting next to the feller from up north. He was only sitting there in his T-Shirt. Sur’, thats good weather for us bye, there is no snow around here, is dere?

But then they came finally out: The famous Newfie garb: The yellow oil skin. Dressed up in traditional clothing the singing and drinking continued. Conversation too – but unfortunately I didn’t understand too much. It was either the rum or my lacking the necessary skills in the local language, or more than likely, it was both.

That would be me
2012-05-19 21.12.04

In the middle of the night the neighbor appeared with his buddy. They were coming by to check if there were enough blankets for everybody. They were not allowed to leave again until they were properly loaded –  which took a while. Morning was approaching.

The sun came up and presented a beautiful bay. I saw my first whale swimming lazily across the blue water. It was time to go to bed.

Mango’s ass overlooking the bay:
2012-05-19 20.18.45

Janine, her cousin, her sister, her cousins cousin and the whole crowd, thank you for the lively introduction to the art of surviving in the bay! I won’t be scared of Newfies any more. Promise. Actually they are best kind.

And hey you Janine’s cousins: Come to Germany for a visit! Unfortunately we don’t have lobster, whales, icebergs, moose or that kind of stuff. But we do have  a castle or two and some cheap beer!

And a second hey: We even have an awesome dialect that nobody understands and everybody makes fun of. That would be right next to the black forest.


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