Novosibirsk, John, & A Vegetarian’s Kryptonite

We burned it from Chelyabinsk to Novosibirsk.  Our brief flirtation with a stop over in Omsk was destroyed by weather that looked like this:

That led to one particularly muddy session after wild camping:

where Patrick had to rescue all 3 bikes:

(And yes, I cackle like a witch.)

When we arrived in Novosibirsk we were greeted by John, a friend of Patrick’s from his first world trip. We spent a couple of days with him, and we spent a Sunday grilling Shashlik  next to the river.

I studied Environmental Protection and I read Eating Animals, between animal cruelty and environmental destruction, I try not to eat a lot of meat.  In fact, I want to give it up completely. But then chunks of grilled meat that are sizzled to perfection are laid in front of me and I become a drooling cave man.

Shaslick, it could break the strictest vegetarian.


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