Overland Motorcycle Trip From Germany To Turkey

Mt. Nemrut TurkeyI am presently putting the finishing touches on the travel memoir of our motorcycle trip from Germany to Turkey and I keep going back to our pictures and the videos that we made (we filmed, Andi Thiele put it together and edited!). Now, I could go on forever about how awkward making those videos was, and how the opening and certain segments still make me cringe, but I just did and will therefore stop. But I did notice that though the series was never finished (we did finish the trip. But Andi did the editing as a side project and was not paid, so other things eventually crowded out him finishing the videos unfortunately!) I also have never collected all the videos into one post.

So here they are! At least as far as entering Turkey. Enjoy! (Although after the first episode I would jump to number 4. Too much time spent on prep and we do not leave until episode 3 and episode 4 has the feel of being on a trip)

and a special!


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