Planning A Motorcycle Trip: 3 Months From Germany To Turkey and Back

Warning:  You may accuse us of many, many things.  And this is where Patrick would say “speak for yourself,” but since I have accused him of many things, the sentence stands. But there is one thing you can not accuse us of, and that is taking ourselves too seriously.  Because if we did we would never let these videos see the light of the day.  MAJOR dork content.  But then I guess I had to earn my nickname “Dork Princess” somehow.  And in all likelihood it was not by being cool….

So, with the warning out of the way and to continue on with the post, we filmed our last trip with a regular point and click digital camera, as in the older version of the Olympus Stylus Tough and we passed the raw material onto our friend Andi who in addition to doing an awesome job transforming them into episodes for your viewing pleasure, he also does it while having to sort through my muscle spasms whenever the camera is pointed at me.  (We do improve with time, promise)

So without further adieu, here is the first one where we start to plan and prepare for our trip:

And may I also say that after doing these videos I now have a brand new appreciation for anyone who does live TV, as there is something about a camera pointing at you that makes you feel (and act) like a complete and utter turd.  Even if you suspect that the only people who are even going to watch it are your mom, your close friends, and the random person who stumbles over it by accident while searching for something else on Youtube (like a cat video).  The fact that our views range in the 2000 views (from about 400 up to almost 9000) just goes to show what a fantastic job Andi did!


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