Preparing To Sail Around The World With Small Children & A Dog

UPDATE: Follow us on our around the world sailing adventure on our new blog Books Boats and Babes!

Up until 2013 we were a motorcycle travel blog. We met on Patrick’s first motorcycle trip. I (Sherrie) got my own license and we continued together on two bikes. But 2013 changed our lives forever. Our daughter was born and somehow I was not quite so comfortable with the idea of motorcycle travel for the foreseeable future. Travel itself was not out however. Patrick brought out his original dream to see the world: by sail boat.

In truth I was only slightly more enthusiastic about the idea of sailing around the world with my babies in tow than I was about putting them in a sidecar. At least I loved motorcycling with a passion. Sailing was new and terrifying to me.

Sailing is also new and terrifying to Mango. He is not always this cool. Perhaps being on a lake helps:


Patrick has been leading me along with baby steps however, and although we have yet to set the departure date, we are in the process of buying our boat and getting ready to set sail.

As the blog is still a mishmash of motorcycle adventure as well as sailing adventure, I thought I would make a page dedicated strictly to the posts that talk about the steps (and thought processes!) that are leading up to us setting sail (for the long term). Other sailing posts can still be found under the sailing category, but this is a page where anyone looking for our initial steps to our final decision (whatever it be, but it’s looking more and more like Patrick’s childhood dream will be fulfilled) can be found in one, more or less organized, space.

The Idea

Sailing Around the World: A New Dream Emerges

A Blog Post With Some Early Planning Inspiration

A mother’s thoughts on how to travel with her babies and why sailing is scary to her (This is written from my viewpoint as a non sailing mommy!)

Emjay at least loves sailing. Mention the boat and she runs for her shoes!


Our First Test Run: 2 Weeks Sailing From Szczecin Poland to Rügen Germany:

Part 1 of Sailing With A Toddler & A Dog: A 2 Week Adventure

Part 2 of Sailing With A Toddler & A Dog: Lessons Learned

Buying Our Boat

Having A Boat Helps – What We Want & Our First Year Recap

We Bought A Boat!

Naming Our Boat: Meet Falcor

Hanging out with Uncle Sean during my first sail (on a lake in Berlin):





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