Problem With Fernweh English Edition On Amazon

We do not normally look at the ratings of our books on Amazon (for any number of reasons, the most important being we get enough positive email about them that we figure we are doing something right) but Patrick did look the other day and saw Fernweh had 3 reviews, all for 1 star. When your reviews are nothing but negative there is something wrong. And in this case there was, the book was only 3 pages long! This is not correct and we have uploaded a new version which hopefully corrects the situation. I say hopefully as the file we originally uploaded was the right one as well and the preview after uploading had the book there in its entirety. Something must have went wrong after the file was published. We have also contacted Amazon to find out if everyone who previously bought the book will have the correct version automatically updated on their Kindle. For those who purchased Fernweh over on Smashwords all those files are correct and you will have downloaded the entire book … which is in fact longer than three pages! (Of which the translators note is available for free on this website. And no, not only would we not charge for something that was entirely available for free on this site, we would never charge for 3 pages of text).

And to leave you with something inspiring, the picture slideshow from the South American portion of the trip! (And yes, that part SHOULD be in the book if you have the correct version!)


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