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Check out hiking stories at .

Motorcycle Travel Forums is THE Motorcycle Overland Travel website with a big community. is an active and very friendly forum for those who want to ride in South East Asia in particular.

GT Riders focus on riding in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Other countries such as Vietnam are also covered. 

Motorcycle Blogs

Chris and Chloe post great photos and posts on their trip through the Americas on Buenos Aires to Vancouver. Anna is a German living in the States and writes one of the funnier motorcycle blogs we have had the joy to visit and read.

Bernd Tesch Bernd has an excellent collection of overland motorcycle books, as well as his own on his site.  He also has a wealth of information for the overland traveller in German and English.  

Bill Whiman blogs about life and bikes!


Book Publishing

Zoe Winters Smart Self Publishing (an affilate link), a resource that sets out step by step how you go about self publishing your work.

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  1. Hi Sherrie, I’m an adviser to the Ted Simon Foundation and also the Senior Editor of ADVMoto magazine. We’d like to review your book “Buying and Riding a Bike in Southeast Asia” for the magazine. If you would forward me the Kindle version (to the email address with this message), we’ll get it into an upcoming edition. All the best, Paul

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