Riding Along The Mekong: Part One

Pictures of Angkor Wat to come! But first a mostly visual summary of our Cambodian jungle adventure.  Both will be followed up with more text based articles with fewer pictures.

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Mekong views


We left Siam Reap and kept to the main road. We had debated taking route 66, but as it had been rainning the day before we decided against it. The road in front of our guesthouse had turned into a mudpit and we feared that our little Honda Waves would not be able to handle the riding. (Oh us of little faith, how little we did know at that innocent time).


Instead we stuck to the main (paved) road and enjoyed the views that were no less spectacular, even if enjoying them was at the risk of death at the hands of the other drivers (I am going to write a post about surviving Cambodian roads).


As lovely as the views were, we wanted to stay along the Mekong, and we also wanted to get off the main road. According to our map we had two choices: one was to wind along a dirt road that followed the Mekong closely, the other cut more inland and kept to the paved road. We both prefer smaller roads on the bikes and so our decsion was easy, the drit road it was to be!

Riding smaller roads also means being able to visit small villages that you would otherwsie speed on through.

Happiness is a gang of puppies charging you!

And when the road turned into this:

We of course did not panic. Nor did we turn around. We merely followed it, and that is where the true Cambodian adventure began.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Wow, that landscape is just so serene and beautiful!

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    It was amazing! I fell in love with Cambodia. I had no idea what to expect and it was just amazing!

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