Romania: Wild Camping and Guys With Guns

After a mad dash through 5 countries we drastically slowed down in Romania, if for no other reason than the roads demanded it

(And perhaps a slight roadside temper tantrum on the side of the road in Hungary may have helped, burning through countries is not really my style. Going slow and relaxing in amazing outdoor thermal baths and swimming pools are.)

Romania is one of my favorite countries to motorcycle in, particularly Transylvania in the Carpathians, although the love is spoiled slightly when you come across litter dumped in places which otherwise would be a picture perfect spot. I say litter because after Albania I can not say garbage without imagining an honest dump next to a beach.

We have yet to see anything so extreme in Romania.

One of the best parts about Romania is the ability to wild camp where you wish.  Unlike in Germany where unsanctioned fun is strictly verboten, Romanians take a more laid back approach. As long as you appear to be hurting no one they smile and wave, perhaps ask a question or two, and then move on with their business.

Our first night was an interesting exception. We set up camp in a field, and before we knew it a car was bouncing down the hill and pulled up in front of us.  2 guys (one with a rifle) pop out, see that we are motorcycle travelers, wish us “Bon Appettie” and “please make sure you do not set the field of fire” and they burn off again.

Jannick had some concerns about them coming back. I did not worry about them at all, but why they felt they need a rifle to begin with was more of a concern for me.  But I kept that thought to myself. The night passed without incident however, except for a most delicious BBQ.


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Sherrie was born and raised in Newfoundland, has her home base in Germany, and at any given time can be found just about anywhere in the world. Addicted to books, travel, chocolate and motorcycles, a perfect day for her is riding her bike followed by drinking good coffee and reading a good book or writing one.

5 Responses to Romania: Wild Camping and Guys With Guns

  1. kt says:

    I know this sounds silly, but i have decided not to visit romania partly because of the littering problem. I know how much it would ruin the scenery for me after visiting indonesia in September 2011. there’s also rubbish everywhere in North Sumatra, even the countryside. It pained me to see it like this.

    I hope this problem can be alleviated in the next few years, then I would consider visiting again.

    • Sherrie Sherrie says:

      It is not silly at all. Romania is not nearly as bad as some of the other countries we have visited, Albania was heart breaking. The most beautiful beach that you had to ride past an unofficial dumping ground to get to. 🙁 I think with its membership in the EU Romania is getting better in regards to trash, but it is still not where we would like. Which is a shame as it is one of the most beautiful countries we had the joy to visit otherwise. It still has its old world charm in many areas, but with it also the old way of thinking about garbage……

  2. paul says:

    well,what i want to know is wrere is it safe in romania,cos i´m leaving tomorow morning towords that part on the world

    thank you so kindly and wait for you´re open en honest response

  3. Sherrie Sherrie says:

    Romania is a very safe country! We have ridden there three separate times and we have never had any problems. I would still recommend due vigilance (especially in the cities) but problems with police corruption etc., was not something we ever experienced. Enjoy your trip!

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