Same Same But Very Different: Bye Bye Asia, Hello Canada

The (more than likely) last leg of our journey has started! We set out from Germany to ride overland to Newfoundland.
The first part of the trip was Eastern Europe, Russia and Mongolia.


In Mongolia we sold our bikes (for various reasons) and went to Southeast Asia. This was not planned but nevertheless turned out to be  a good decision. We bought 2 moscoots in Malaysia and explored Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.


Neither was it part of the plan to get a dog. But somehow we ended up with Mango the travel dog.


After a family meeting in Chiang Mai (Patrick’s dad, his Cousin and his brother along with our friend Ed) we sold our moscoots (again!) in Malaysia and said goodbye to Asia. Yesterday, after a 30 hour flight, we arrived in cold Vancouver. Alix a university friend of Sherrie, has taken us in and now we are out to find a new vehicle once again.

The plan (which actually doesn’t mean anything, really) is to ride from Canada’s west coast to The Rock in the East. There might be some detours along the way…



About Patrick

Patrick is a German engineer who likes motorcycles, world trips, offroad riding and his computer. If he is not traveling he usually tries to found a company or two.

4 Responses to Same Same But Very Different: Bye Bye Asia, Hello Canada

  1. kerry says:

    Plans mean absolutely nothing! xx

  2. Marco says:

    Hi Sherrie und Pastrick,

    schön dass Ihr in Canada angekommen seit und noch voller Freude auf Reisen seit. Bei mir geht es in 3 Wochen los. In Vancouver werde ich dann Ende August sein. Wird wohl nicht klappen, dass wir uns treffen 🙂

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hallo Marco,
      dann geht’s bei Dir ja auch endlich los 🙂 3 Wochen sind im nu vorbei. Wahrscheinlich hast Du jetzt noch 1.000 Sachen zum organisieren…
      Wir wünschen Dir einen guten Start und eine gute Fahrt!
      Wahrscheinlich sehen wir uns dann wieder im Ländle, vielleicht zum Grillen und Bilder anschauen…
      Viele Grüße aus Vancouver
      Sherrie & Patrick

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