Smashwords Book Widget for Websites

This widget displays one or more random book covers of a Smashwords author. It can be used on any webpages that allow you to enter html code. This is the sister project of the Smashwords Book Widget for Wordpress, please use that if you run your own Wordpress installation. The author, affiliate and text can be configured. The books can be flipped through as a 'slideshow'.

We developed this widget for our affiliate partners but it can also be used by others for free, but please note: Since this widget runs on our servers its required that either the author or the affiliate is UnleashYourAdventure (More info).

Read more about how to become our affiliate partner and earn 50% of the ebook price.

This plugin is not developed or supported by Smashwords.

Get the widget in 3 easy steps

1. Configure widget parameters

Please configure the widget.

Affiliate user name:

Your user name. It will be included in all links to Smashwords as an affiliate partner. See Smashwords for more information.
Optional. Leave blank for no affiliate link.


The authors user name at Smashwords. This can also be a publisher. Required.
You changed the author to something other than "UnleashYourAdventure". That is ok, but please note: It is required that you then use "UnleashYourAdventure" as the affiliate partner. We changed that for you. More info.

Number of books:

How many books should be shown? Please enter a number.

Enable slide show:

Should the widget appear as a slide show?

Display books vertically:

Should the books be displayed above each other?

Link Text to Authors page:

Leave empty for no link.

2. Preview

The widget will look like this:

3. Copy code

Please copy the following html code and place it into your website:


Why does either the author or the affiliate need to be UnleashYourAdventure?

The Smashwords Book Widget for Websites is developed, maintained, supported and run by UnleashYourAdventure. This requires a lot of time. We give it away for free to other authors but take the affiliate share for us when a book is sold. We think thats a fair deal.
If you are looking for the widget where both affiliate and the author can be chosen you want to try the Smashwords Book Widget for Wordpress. Although you must run Wordpress and the plugin independently on your own server.

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