Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress

This widget displays a random book cover of a Smashwords author. It can be used by authors to display their work, by fans or by Smashwords affiliate partners on their own WordPress blog. If you use another system you might want to try our Smashwords Book Widget for Websites.
The author, affiliate and text can all be configured.

Please note: This widget is developed and maintained by UnleashYourAdventure. We developed it for us as well as our affiliate partners. We offer it as Open Source to give something back to the community. If you find it useful feel free to use it as well!
This plugin is not developed or supported by Smashwords.
Read more about how to become our affiliate partner and earn 50% of the ebook price.


  1. Search for the plugin under Plugins -> Add new -> Search or
    download it and and upload it to your blog under Plugins -> Add new -> Upload
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. Decide where you want the widget to appear on your blog under Appearance -> Widgets
  4. Edit the settings in the widget on the same page (insert author name)


Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress
Displaying one book without the slideshow controls

Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress - Screenshot: Slideshow
Displaying three books with the slideshow controls

32 Responses to Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress

  1. Martyn says:

    Thanks for the widget — it works great. Would really appreciate an option to left align in the next update, if possible.

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Martyn,
      thanks for your suggestion.
      I agree, having the widget left centered as default makes sense. I will change that in the next version.

      Until then if you want you can change it manually. You need to edit the css file:
      Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Smashwords Book Widget -> edit -> SmashwordsBookWidget.css
      Edit the following lines:
      .swbw_slide {
      text-align: left;
      .swbw_slideshow {
      margin: 0;

      I hope that helps. Or you wait for the update. I will update the Widget within the next days.

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Martyn,
      the book widget is now left aligned by default (since version 1.5). The books appear in a gray frame. This is because there are different book sizes out there, I hope that makes for a better look.

  2. Peter says:

    This is a great widget. Thank you very much for making it available.

    I’d like to be able to display the books vertically in a sidebar. I’ve looked at the code in an attempt to “do it myself”, but I’m not experienced enough to change the display parameters to make a vertical display. Is this possible?

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Peter,
      thank you for using our widget. You are right, a vertical version is missing. I added it. Please update to the newest version (1.06) and switch the layout to vertical in the settings.

  3. Markus says:

    Hello, the “more books” link isn’t working for me. (Version 1.06)

    It directs to

    Any suggestions?


    • Markus says:

      Also, would it be possible to have more books in a row?

      Say I have 4 books and want two in one line and two in the next.

      • Patrick Patrick says:

        Servus Markus,
        unfortunately I have not the time to implement this at the moment since I am developing a second widget for non WordPress users. But here are some ideas:
        There is the option to have the books either vertical or horizontal aligned, Maybe you want to add the widget twice.
        You can also modify the code, its Open Source under the MIT license. If you provide me a patch I will gladly include that option.
        Viele Gruesse

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Servus Markus,
      thanks for pointing that out. I checked the code and found the bug. I fixed it, the fix will be available in the next version (1.07).
      Viele Gruesse

      • Markus says:

        Hmm, it’s still not working. (Version 1.09)

        The more link is now “”, which should be “”.

        Liebe Grüße,

  4. Roy says:

    I love this widget. However, I am new to the blogging world at wordpress. I searched for the plug in option in my wordpress dashboard, but I cannot seem to find it.. Could you please tell me where to find the Plug in, I searched under several categories, but can’t seem to find it.

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hello Roy,
      I’m glad you like the widget 🙂
      First you need to install the widget under Plugins.
      Afterwards you can add the widget to your WordPress blog under Appearance -> Widgets -> Available Widgets. From there you can drag it to a side bar of your choice. After dropping it to a side bar you can configure the widget. Its possible to add the widget more then once with different settings.
      I hope this helps, if not please don’t hesitate to ask again.
      Cheers Patrick

  5. Brendan says:

    Love this widget but want to put it on a page on this possible…?
    I have it on a sidebar but want it to have a page of its own..
    Many thanks Brendan…

  6. Jo says:

    My website is only displaying text, is there a way I can get it to show a book thumbnail.

    Also as an Affiliate, do you automatically enter my ref to the book link?


    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Jo,
      thanks for your interest in the widget! The widget shows only thumbnails of book covers, no text. Can you sent me a link where I can see the problem?

      We have 2 versions of the widget:
      Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress
      Smashwords Book Widget for Websites

      In the first one you can add your affiliate link (how is described in the link)
      In the second one you cannot since we have to run and maintain it on our server

      I hope that helps, if you have more questions feel free to comment agin or write us an email at unleashyouradventure [AT]


  7. DLLC says:

    This works greatly, thanks for sharing.

  8. Don says:

    Plugin doesn’t work for me at all. Does it take a while for it to start working?

    • Sherrie Sherrie says:

      Hi Don, Sorry it took so long to write back, we have spent the last 2 weeks moving and our internet time has been neglected. Thanks for letting us know there is a problem. Smashwords has changed something and now Patrick is looking into it to get the widget up and running again!

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Don, it should work again. Di you experience any more problems? Cheers Patrick

  9. Dee says:

    Hello Patrick,
    We have been using your Smashwords book widget for some time (with you as affiliate). It’s a great tool for our 6 books! With the latest Google update warning, I feel that I should make the books “nofollow” but I lack the coding skills to know just where to put the tag. If you could just show where I should place it, that would be very helpful!
    Thanks for your time and help.

    • Patrick Patrick says:

      Hi Dee,
      I’m glad you like our widget. Thank you!
      I’m not sure I understand you correctly. You want to make the link to Smashwords a “nofollow” link?
      You can also write me an email at unleashouradventure AT for more details.
      Cheers Patrick

  10. مهدی says:

    God of strength

    Plugin works is really well and very good

    Thank you

  11. Peter says:

    Thanks for a great Smashwords website widget. It’s been working flawlessly until Smashwords updated their web site this week. Consequently, I’m unable to get the book covers to show in the sidebar since the update. Is anyone else having this problem?

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