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Smashwords is an ebook distributer. They take our books and get them out to all major retailers such as Apple (iTunes), Barnes and Noble, Sony etc. (Basically everybody except Amazon).

We have developed a few tools to push Smashwords and to promote our books. We share them with everybody here. Most of them are Open Source.

Please note:
These tools are not developed or maintained by Smashwords.
We give them away for free but ask that you don’t misuse them. Be sensible please.

Smashwords Access for Android

The Smashwords Access app lets you browse and download books comfortably onto your Android device.
SmashwordsAccess for Android - Screenshot: Booklist

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Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress

This widget displays a random book cover of a Smashwords author. It can be used by authors to display their work, by fans or by Smashwords affiliate partners on their own WordPress blog.

Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress - Screenshot: Slideshow

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Smashwords Book Widget for Websites

This widget displays one or more random book covers of a Smashwords author. It can be used on any webpages that allow you to enter html code. This is the sister project of the Smashwords Book Widget for WordPress, please use that if you run your own WordPress installation. The author, affiliate and text can be configured. The books can be flipped through as a ‘slideshow’. It comes with a html generator for easy use.
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Smashwords API for Java

This is an API to access the Smashwords books programmatically. It can be used by Java developers to build Applications for Smashwords.

Smashwords smashwords = new Smashwords();
List books = smashwords.getBooksFromAuthor("UnleashYourAdventure");

The API is part of the Android app SmashwordsAccess.
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