SmashwordsAccess for Android problems with certificate

For a couple of days now we have been getting reports from our users that they can’t use SmashwordsAccess anymore, it says “Not trusted server certificate“. What happened?

SmashwordsAccess uses an encrypted connection (SSL) to talk to the Smashwords site, in order to protect your privacy and passwords. For a couple of days Android devices refuse the certificate that is used for the secured connection.

You can test that by going to the encrypted Smashwords site: with your Android device (Please note the s in https). It shows a scary warning:

So what is the solution?

The proper one:
Smashwords needs to get their certificate right. I contacted them and they are working on it:
Thanks Sherrie. Yeah, we’re aware, and will be addressing it early next week. Thanks, Bill

The workaround:
Until that I have disabled the encryption (in Version 006 beta). This works for browsing books but not for the library since I don’t want your username and password to travel unprotected through the Internet.

Sorry for the inconvenience!




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