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Smashwords is a great place to find books from indie authors and publishers (like us). They provide ebooks in all kinds of different file formats so you can use your preferred ebook reading app, you are not vendor locked in like with Amazon Kindle for example.

However, their website is not very mobile device friendly, finding a book and downloading it onto your mobile devise is, frankly speaking, a pain in the butt.

This problem is addressed by the SmashwordsAccess for Android app. It lets you browse for books and download them directly to your favorite reader app on your Android device.

SmashwordsAccess screen shot: Start ScreenSmashwordsAccess screen shot: CategoriesSmashwordsAccess screen shot: book details

Get SmashwordsAccess for free in the Google Play app store:
Get it on Google Play

Smashwords Access is released as Open Source

Please note:
SmashwordsAccess for Android is not developed or maintained by Smashwords.

10 Responses to Smashwords Access for Android

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  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    Tim wrote per email
    Hi Patrick

    I just downloaded the app and it’s wonderful. I haven’t checked the SW website to see if other users are aware of this app, I’m sure many wold be very pleased.

    Thanks for a great piece of work and contrbution.

    The only additional feedback hat I can provide is on the library display. I’ve got a lot of scrolling to do, because of the size of my library and additionally to search for new books. However, this is a relatively minor issue.

    Thanks Again,

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  5. Patrick Patrick says:

    Steve wrote us:
    I keep getting “no peer certificate” now on all my devices. His is with ICS, Jelly Bean, and gingerbread.

    Hi Steve,

    thank you for your bug report. I looked into it and I get the same error. It seems that the Android devices do not accept the Smashwords certificate anymore.
    You can test that by going to the secured Smashwords website with your Android phone:
    It will give you also an error.
    I will look into a possible solution and let you know.

    Cheers Patrick

  6. Patrick Patrick says:

    The problems with Smashwords Certificate are fixed. The access to the library should work again. Give it a try:
    Cheers Patrick

  7. norma says:

    Downloaded smashword app now it is telling me i have to buy books already in my library that i have already purchased

  8. Franz Bruyere Jr says:


    I love your (android) app 🙂 It makes it easy to find books.

    I’d like to make a suggestion, please: I’d like to be able to set my ‘default’ download location instead of having to select Kindle or Smashwords folder each time.

    Thank you and have a great day 🙂

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