Summer is over in Newfoundland

Today I looked at the weather forecast. It looked like most days lately. Welcome to Newfoundlands summer!


Sherrie’s dad is obsessed with the sun and hot, dry weather. At night he sneaks into the kitchen and pops up the laptop in search for houses in Italy or in Death Valley. He knows the flight schedule to the Caribbean and all the hotel rates by heart. Secretly he plots escape plans into places with a hot, dry climate.

At first I thought thats a little odd (but hey, so is his daughter –  she tries to plot escape plans to everywhere in the world). Anyway, now I begin to understand. He works every day outside in Newfoundland weather.

Sherrie’s dad’s preferred background:

Bild 517

Sherrie’s dad told me a few days ago (in fact he tells me most days): You had two sunny days here, that was our summer, I’m tellin’ ya, bye! I though at first that was a little exaggeration on his part but I have come to the believe that he was serious.

We tried to escape winter for over a year now but I guess it has finally caught up with us. In summer!


Don’t get me wrong, Newfoundland has absolute stunning landscape. You just don’t see it in bright sunlight very often.



Let me finish this post with some quotes:

In Newfoundland we have 2 weeks of rain in summer. The rest of the year is winter.
Sherrie’s dad

A guy is sitting outside at 10°C in a T-Shirt. Asked if he doesn’t find it cold he replies: Sur’, thats good weather for us bye, there is no snow around here, is dere?
Feller from up north at the bay party.

In Newfoundland we have 9 months of winter, the rest is lousy skidooing.
Sherrie’s dad

What is 3 days of sunshine in Newfoundland? – A lie!


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