Berlin To Szczecin: A Weekend Sailing Adventure

For our family vacation this year we decided we would sail our boat from Szczecin (also known as Stetten), Poland to the German island of Rügen and back again. The only kink in the plan was that our boat was in Berlin. So we had the choice of losing 2 and a half days of our vacation motoring to Stetten, or we could choose to spend the weekend beforehand motoring our boat up. And motoring it must be. Our mast was too high to go under most of the bridges between Wannsee and along the Oder to Stetten (its known as the Havel–Oder–Wasserstraße, but the info is only in German!). So after we got our mast down and with our friend Marina along for the ride, we were ready to motor!

Mariana, me and Captain Emjay!


We met just outside GoEuro’s offices just past 6 30 pm in the hopes of at least making it past the first lock that night. The locks seem to be pretty hit or miss. You might wait a few minutes, or up to an hour or two. We knew from the lateness of our start that we were not making it much further than that lock at Tegel, but a journey started is much easier to continue than one that has yet to begun. And although that may sound just like commonsense, you would be surprised how hard it is to actually start on time! A couple hours late is almost on time for us. So being able to wake up on the boat and have an early morning start would make the difference between actually getting there (and back on the last train!) within the 2 days.

7 am and anchor up! Not too bad:


I would love to say that I was conscious for most of the trip. But in reality I can only thank Marina for not only coming along, but for being such a keen navigator. Marina took over the steering, Patrick went on Emjay duty and I slept an extra 2 hours every morning and then again in the afternoon with Emjay. Berlin Baby The Sequel is in production and he or she had me completely wiped.

Another lock:


Just before stopping for the evening:


On Sunday evening we motored into Stetten. After 2 nights, two full days and what amounted to about 25 hours of motoring.

In Szczecin:


Exhausted but happy we made our way to the train station with the intention of returning the following week to get our mast up and start our family sailing adventure! But more on that next week. Sailing with an 18 month old is definitely an adventure!

We made it!:



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