The USA in Signs

Driving into the US we were hit by the abundance of signs. It seemed the country was plastered with them. Mostly about things you are not allowed to do. But on occasion they also told you what you are supposed to do, or just exclaimed random things like “Jesus is our loving Lord!”.

I must confess, this obsession with signs came as a surprise to me and I was shocked to the foundation of my German self consciousness. I honestly thought that the love of signs and rules was a distinct feature of the very German soul. Apparently not. Who would have thought that the freedom loving Americans would outdo us here? I must admit that realization was somewhat unexpected.

I haven’t found an explanation for the ubiquitous signs. I can just guess. Maybe the US sign lobby is a strong one or the sign advertisers do a VERY good job, I can’t say.
I don’t even know whether this signomania was real or if it was just the fact that we were able to read the signs again after spending the last 10 months in countries in which the inhabitants express themselves in alphabets other than the Latin one.

Nevertheless, here is an collection of my favorite signs:

The most common sign and also the most frustrating for is. It translated into no camping here…
2012-04-30 16

Home, sweet home…Or how ALDI exports orderly parking lots.
2012-04-27 07

Seen in Louisiana
2012-04-24 10

Modern church…

A lot of hair might grow in 72 miles!

Guns, dogs and open sores. A dangerous lot.

Welcome to the dessert!

Uhm, that must be us!

Arizona goes wild!

Open to anyones imagination 🙂

Gun road..

…but no shooting please

Neighborhood watch. Seen in BFN.


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