Time to go home: See ya Newfoundland – Servus Germany

All trips end at some point, even long ones. We have been on the road for over a year but now its time to go home.

The last six weeks we stayed in Newfoundland with Sherrie’s parents, visited her family and did some hikes when the weather allowed it. We experienced a bay party and ate all kinds of Newfie dishes like lobster, moose, scallops, toutons, crabs, turkey…


Sherrie’s dad Sean spoiled us with homemade food and Linda, her mom, bought Mango a live toy: Caesar. At least that is what Mango thinks. Linda thinks more of him as her small dog with a big name whereas Sean refers to him as our little rodent.

Mango and Caesar sharing a bone (one of the few pictures where they don’t beat each other up)

Tomorrow we will board the plane and in 2 days we will hopefully see my grandma and eat some good schwäbische Butterbretzel (swabian pretzel with butter) and gschmelzte Maultaschen (another awesome swabian dish).

We will do a wrap up about the trip in a few days but first we have to get through the nightmare of air travel. I wish it was possible to somehow ride to Germany.

Hm re-reading this post I talk a lot about food. But hey as Sherrie says, going to different countries and eating the food there is a major part of traveling. Who could disagree there?

Thank you everyone for the wonderful time you have shown us, and all the food you have cooked for us!



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