Want To Be A Beta Reader For Our Packlist?

I have been threatening to write a book since I was a child.  In fact at ten I did write one during my recess breaks. In true temperamental artist style I destroyed it when the other kids kept talking about it. The final straw was when my crush told the substitute teacher that I had written a book. Rather than basking in the fact that my peers were excited about it (and lets face it, kids get excited about anything) I felt I had to destroy this source of attention.

Enter the German.

He has been on me to finish my Iceland book since the moment we rolled onto the ferry back to Germany. He keeps telling people I am a travel writer when in fact the only things I have written are blogs and my Chasing Summer series. As an added push, he decided to co-write a motorcycle handbook with me. Have you ever had a German pushing you to write? It works.

We have the mini handbook ready to go, but we need Beta readers before we unleash the book onto Amazon and premium distribution on Smashwords. If you want to be a Beta it means you get the book for free! A grand savings of 99 cents! For that you can get a serving of Pad Thai and yummy grilled pork sticks with peanut sauce from the street vendors here in Bangkok. Even vegetarians eat the stuff, I have witnessed it. So 99 cents can still mean awesome.

How do you become one of our awesome Beta readers?

Just leave a comment saying you want to be one!

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who leaves a comment will get a Smashwords coupon for a free download of the format of their choice. The packlist is aimed at motorcycle travellers in particular but a lot of it can apply to anyone wanting to go on a major trip. What the packlist is not is a general travelogue. If you are not into bikes and you are not planning to do any long term travel, it is probably not something you want to read! If you are looking for armchair travel then you want to wait for my Iceland book that will be out in November. 

Most importantly – what is a beta reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads through a book that is more or less ready to be published. You are there to test the book much like the early screenings of a movie. Does it work? Does it suck? Why? What would you change? Should the book be published or condemned to be scraped like my tale of the haunted house with giant spiders?

You are not an editor, although given that one author is German and the other has been accused of launching a full frontal assault on the English language, you may (will) find some grammar mistakes, so feel free to bring them to our attention!



About Sherrie

Sherrie was born and raised in Newfoundland, has her home base in Germany, and at any given time can be found just about anywhere in the world. Addicted to books, travel, chocolate and motorcycles, a perfect day for her is riding her bike followed by drinking good coffee and reading a good book or writing one.

8 Responses to Want To Be A Beta Reader For Our Packlist?

  1. Syiful Jeffry says:

    I want to be one of your awesome Beta readers.

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Then an awesome beta reader you shall be! Emailing you your coupon code right now! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  3. Chris Hibbs says:

    I’m in to reading and travel from time to time… I’d love to read about these adventures.

  4. Mummy says:

    Of course I want to be a beta reader!

  5. John Plantada says:

    Sign me up! #BetaReaders

  6. John Plantada says:

    Sign me up! #BetaReaders

  7. Kerry feely says:

    Hi! Thanks for your Facebook message, I’m having major Facebook issues so figured this was a good way to get in touch. So you finally finished the book! Go you! I’ll be a beta reader, and promise to correct all the grammar I come across ;o) Please send me your email address. My email Is above. But I’ll check here shortly so if it doesn’t show, let me know. Hope you are good xx

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