Why Honda Sucks & BMW Rocks

(And this is not sponsored in any way by BMW, although we would gladly and unashamedly accept their money).

Back in the 1980’s the Western world was living a life of unmitigated excess. Michael Jackson sold millions AND was still cool, the A Team blew shit up on your TV screen, and big hair and big shoulders were a sign of just how awesome you were.

And yet amid this time of luxury and yuppies the German car industry, traditionally a symbol of class coupled with dependability, was challenged and by the end of the decade shattered. In its place the Japanese car industry established itself as a leader in dependable and affordable cars. The time of excess was ending, And amid all of this in a period of extremes the ultimate travel bike was born…..

Born out of a desire to have a Paris-Dakar competition bike it came with 2 cylinders, 650 cc, 220 kg, 60 horse powers, excellent offroad qualities while still being street friendly, reliable, and the dream of overland travelers for the next decade. At the time the tough traditionalists claimed it was too much technology with it 6-valve, four spark plug, liquid-cooled engine, it has since evolved to be accepted as the overland travel bike.


Bring it forward to 2010, the first decade of the second millennium is coming to a close, and the glory years of the 1980’s have been crushed and buried under the events of the past 20 years. Michael Jackson had to die to become cool again, the A Team is still blowing shit up only this time on the big screen, big hair is seen as unfortunate and shoulder pads can get you shot (or at the very least as the subject of open scorn and mockery as the unsuspecting victim of a fashion reality TV show), and while Toyota stumbles from one scandal to the next, Mercedes and Audi are once again the reigning symbols of luxury and class in the car industry.

And a new star has risen amongst the overland motorcycle travelers.

It has 2 cylinders,798cc, 207 kg, 90 horse powers, excellent offroad qualities while still being street friendly, reliable, and with it’s ABS it is pure, unadulterated bliss to ride. Although tough traditionalists claim it is unsuitable for long time travel as it comes with too much technology such as on-board fuel computer, alarm, sat-nav, heated grips, ABS and a fuel pump, it will advance to be THE travel bike.

But this bike no longer bears Honda’s wings.

In its place stands Bavaria’s propeller, BMW amid the white and blue.


Honda, what have you done? The new Transalp was castrated into a street bike, and we have no words for your fat Varadero so we won’t even try, and the Africa Twin, the once proud object of overland travelers desire, is not even chopped and sucked into a street machine, but rather has been abandoned, neglected and sacrificed to allow BMW to completely dominate the overland travel motorcycle market. Which is why Honda sucks, and BMW rocks.

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  1. Aljoscha Kaplan says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Sort of. I own an Africa Twin and am a HUGE fan. However, no new bikes since 2001/03 and by now really outdated technology (e.g. no ABS) makes it hard to stay a fan. My next bike will probably also be a BMW (unless Honda gets its act together and relaunches the worlds best bike!). Then again, maybe it’s gonna have to be a Yamaha Tenere (not the Super) which is lighter and closer to the Africa Twin.

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